Friday, February 02, 2007

Fiori per il nostro anniversario

I still didn't post about this wonderful thought that Lucas had about two weeks ago.. Two days after I got back from Italy, i.e. Jan 18th, I was all alone.. and it was not only my sister's birthday (Tanti auguri di nuovo, Elena!!) but also Lucas's and mine fourth anniversary!! So, I was a little bit depressed, a lot of nasty stuff at work, the uncertainty of my future, and being separated on our anniversary...
But.. when I came home, there was a wonderful bouquet for me at the door :)

I decided I wanted to post about this beacuse I want to keep the memory of such a sweet thought. The flowers made me smile every day I came home for more than a week. Now I'm trying to keep a rose and make it dry. :)

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