Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lo schiaccianoci

Let's speak about something beautiful so we don't think about disgusting things anymore... :) Yesterday Lucas and I went with Alison and a friend of hers, April, to see 'The Nutcracker', featured by Carolina Ballet at UNC Memorials Hall.
In the picture, a scene from the Dance of the Flowers, taken from the Carolina Performing Arts website.
It was really pretty. I loved the music, and the scenes were gorgeous, especially in the first part: it was amazing how they represented Clara's nightmare, with a huge Christmas tree growing more and more and more.... The costumes were wonderful too, and there were plenty of little kids that were absolutely cute in their candy dresses. :) It was nice to watch, I hadn't gone to a classical ballet in years and years and years. It was also a nice evening in general with Alison and April: Alison offered us a very good dinner, and we chatted quite a bit at her place after the show.. Thanks Alison for organizing this :)

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