Monday, December 04, 2006

Cena delle donne italiane

I still haven't had time to write a note about this nice 'Italian women' dinner that we had a few weeks ago, before Thanksgiving. A group of Italian (or Italian speaking) women that I belong to meet every month to try new restaurants in the Triangle Area and chat freely in Italian with no husbands, boyfriends or kids around.
Our november meeting was at the Restaurant 'Grasshopper' in Durham. I really enjoyed it. They make 'fusion' Asian cuisine. The food is very good, well presented, the atmosphere is nice, and the prices are very reasonable.

This is an example of what Danila and I ate:
It was Panang Style Prawns
And these are the nice friends I was with:
After me, from the left, Luisa, Danila, Elisabetta, Marilena and Laura

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