Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Perche' dicevo che sono alquanto contenta..

Today I received my new camera, so I can start taking pictures again, at last! I'm really excited about this, and also, I'm extremely impressed by the quality of this new camera I bought. It's a Canon PowerShot A570. I spent the past few hours taking pictures from my new apartment, and the results of these first few attempts are just beautiful, in my opinion. I'm happy to show them here, so my dear readers can begin to understand why I decided to rent this apartment.. :)
This is a part of the view from our living room, without zooming in. It's the sunset, about an hour after I arrived home.
In the living room, we have five windows, looking over the bay. We see San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Oakland, the Sausalito peninsula.. And from the small 'office' room we have, we see the campus:
In the next few pictures, I'm going to show you some zoom-ins of the sunset over the Bay Area, and some night shots that I took afterwards. As usual, you can click on them to expand them.
The Golden Gate Bridge:
The sky is in flames:
And everything looks so peaceful:
And it's now turning more and more pink:
Again the Golden Gate Bridge, with a pink sky behind:
And everything is now pink, and a few lights start being turned on:
And with this amazing camera I can take a picture of the skyline of San Francisco, with the sunlight from the sunset reflected on the windows of the skyscrapers:
Now it's dark purple, and more and more lights are on:
Here is almost night, and you can see the beautiful lights of San Francisco and of the Bay Bridge:
And now it's really nighttime. If you use your imagination, you can match the lights with the pictures that I was showing earlier: the Golden Gate bridge is there, in the distance..
Whereas this part with all the lights is the Oakland port:
And at last, here is the Campanile, the symbol of our university, at night:
This is it for today. Now you can understand why I started working more from home, and why I'm so happy to have found this place.. I'll show you more beautiful things about this apartment in some more posts to come :)


Fab said...

Ma guarda... ho fatto un refresh del sito ed ecco nuove foto! I am so not going to post pictures taken from my living room now! Grazie per i complimenti... un giorno di questi dovro' studiarmi le ricette del tuo sito.

Veda said...

Hi Martha,

Thanks for adding me in ur blog! These pics are very good. I visited San francisco last year. My sister lives there and its a very beautiful place! I love italian food too. So more doubts coming your way soon!:-)


Unknown said...

Hi Marta
Oh my goodness what beautiful pictures. How lucky you were to find an apartment with such breathtaking views. I would never leave home if I had these views. You have quite an eye for what makes a good picture.
I look forward to seeing more pictures from your apt.

Simona Carini said...

Wow, that's a pretty view. Nice photos. Ci vediamo domenica.

Katie Zeller said...

WOW! What beautiful photos... And views.
It makes me want to get out of flatland. My only view is hedges....

Claud said...

Bentornata! Caspita che vista...

Simona Carini said...

I am passing to you the meme that asks you to write six random things about yourself in a blog post, then to pass it to six people. I wrote about this today on my blog.
Ci vediamo domani sera.

Il matto said...

Che spettacolo!
Certe volte mi dico che ... OK, le Dolomiti son belle, ma anche la baia di SF non รจ che sfiguri ... anzi!
Complimenti per la nuova fotocamera.
Il matto
NB: matto, non pazzo! :-)

chemcookit said...

Fab: eheh, fammi sapere se provi qualche ricetta.

Veda: looking forward to more of your visits!

Cecilia: I'm so happy you left a comment on the blog! I'll publish more pictures soon. A big hug flies from here to you :)

Simona: grazie, and now I've done my meme too!!

Katiez: where are you exactly? I wouldn't mind living in France.. :)

Claud: grazie!

Il matto: Ehm - scusa per averti dato del pazzo :) ero forse un po' stanca quando ho risposto ai commenti l'altra volta.. I love Dolomiti, anche se non ci sono mai stata! Hai delle foto sul blog? A presto!

Il matto said...

Foto delle Dolomiti, intendi?
Vedo di metterne qualcuna ...
Il matto

Unknown said...

i have a feeling that a little bit of photoshop might make your pictures look great

chemcookit said...

Hey Rukna,
I don't have photoshop but I'd be curious to see what one could do with it.. if you want to play with one of these pictures, feel free to download it and let me know how it looks like after the 'photoshopping'!