Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Halloween n.3

I still didn't have time to post about the third Halloween party of my life.. To be really honest with you readers, I still don't completely grasp the meaning of Halloween parties for grown-ups. I see how it can be fun for children to put on scary or funny clothes and do 'trick or treats', see the neighbors, count the sweets they got. For adults, though - I still feel there's something silly in dancing and drinking nice (hopefully) drinks in funny/weird costumes.. but in any case, it's become a tradition in the past three years, and there's some interest in seeing what other people chose as costumes. I was reading that the hottest costumes in the last few years are either very sexy (for girls) or nun or priest-related costumes. Apparently, we choose to dress as something that we feel somewhat attracted to, to show a part of ourselves that we never have occasion to show in regular life. So, with this 'guide' it was kind of interesting to ask the guests about their costumes. :) We did have a nun and a priest at our party, in fact, together with many witches.
I'm not sure who of my friends wants to be shown online cross-dressed or super-sexy, so I'll just show here a few non-embarassing pictures :)

Vlasta-pirate and Marta-African lady:
Lucas -guess what's his costume, and remember that the theme of the party was 'The Eighties':
.. did you guess? He's 'Shock the Monkey', a song by Peter Gabriel, famous in the Eighties! Some people did guess. :) And notice the burnt sleeves of the T-shirt. :)
Last but not least, Sonya- and JP, the only serious dancers of the party :)

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great! I was invited to a Halloween party, but the guests threatened not to come if they had to put on disguises!!! That's Switzerland ;-P...