Saturday, September 08, 2007

Girly Caipirinha

Meeta's Monthly Mingle is called 'Liquid dreams' this month.. and the theme is, as you can easily imagine, drinks!
I'm going to present here this variation on the 'Caipirinha' theme that I created a few nights ago. Does everyone know what Caipirinha is? Actually, I found out not too long ago, when our friend Elif gave us a bottle of Cachaca that she bought for us in Brasil! Cachaca is a very good liquor, similar to rum but with a different flavor. Hard to describe if you haven't tried it.. Check out the wikipedia description. So, Caipirinha is made with Cachaca, lime juice, sugar and ice. I like it, but it's very strong for me. So, a few nights ago I created my
Girly Caipirinha
To prepare it, mix in a blender ~4 cubes of ice, 1/4 cup cachaca, 6 large strawberries, juice of one lime, 1 tbsp sugar and a few mint leaves. Blend and serve in cups decorated with lime. This makes about two cups. Of course if you like it stronger, add more cachaca. I'm a light weight! But I gave the second cup to Lucas and he really liked it! I think it's almost impossible not to like this refreshing and cheerful drink. :)
Thanks Meeta for hosting such a great event again!

(Do you like my drink image above? I modified my picture with Gimp (freeware wonderful software), since I didn't like my background - but if you want to see the 'real' colors, here is the original image on the left)

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Meeta K. Wolff said...

OOhhh! That sounds great. I had a strawberry Caipi a few weeks ago and it really was delish. I was thinking of recreating it for a girly part this weekend. Thanks Marta!