Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pic-nic italiano

Last saturday Antonella and Danila organized the first Italian Pic-nic of the Triangle! It was a very nice idea. We met at Lake Crabtree, which is a wonderful place very close to Raleigh. Funny, I had never been there in these two years. The lake is beautiful and there are lots of trails.

There were a lot of people and food...

There were a lot of savory cakes (torte rustiche) and rice salads (insalate di riso), which are the typical Italian pic-nic food. But barbecues are everywhere in the US, so we obviously took advantage of it, and tons and tons of meat were cooked :)
Lucas and I went for a short walk around the lake and I took a few pictures. I'll put here this sort of goodbye picture, hoping to go back to this wonderful place soon.

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