Sunday, August 20, 2006

Altri due gusti di gelato

Today we went to a wonderful Tacos party!!! It was hosted at Trino's and Mariana's. I will put a post specifically on it. For now I wanted to describe only my small contribution to it: the ice cream, of course :) :) :)

In the picture you can see, left to right: Gelato al mango, alla vaniglia e ai mirtilli (Mango, Vanilla and Blueberry ice cream)
I gave you already the recipe for Vanilla Ice cream
Here are the other two:

Gelato al mango
Two ripe big mangoes
100 ml heavy cream (1/2 cup)
400 ml milk (2 cups)
250 ml yogurt (~1 cup)
Sugar as you like
Peel and puree the mangoes. Add the rest of the ingredients in the blender and blend. Stick into the ice cream maker. Mine got ready in 15 minutes! Suggestion from Lucas's mom: cool down the mixture before putting it in the ice cream maker (I will pay special attention to this next time I make a creamy flavor, that needs to be half cooked)

Sorbetto ai mirtilli
800 g blueberries (2 quarts)
200 g sugar (1 cup)
1 eggwhite
Stick everything in the blender and blend for a while, until all the blueberry seeds and the sugar are crushed. (the original recipe suggested to make a syrup out of the sugar, by dissolving it in some warm water. I decided not to bother with that).
Stick in the ice cream maker. Mine did not stop turning after one hour, so I looked at it and it looked fine, so I stopped it.

Results: Mango ice cream: very good, soft and not icey consistency. A bit too unsweet. Perfect eaten together with the blueberry icecream though, which was much sweeter.
Blueberry sorbet: delicious! This was so wonderfully fluffy! And it didn't get hard even in the freezer! I'm not sure if it was the eggwhite, or having stirred it for so long, but this was really one of the best sorbets I ever had :) :)

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