Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blogs from Baghdad

I was listening to NPR some time ago, and they mentioned the existence of a blog written by 'Baghdad girl', a 14 years old girl from Baghdad. She writes about her cats, she posts a lot of nice pictures.. lifting a voice of hope stronger than the bombs that fall around her. Read also the comments to her pictures.

While I was looking for it, I also found this wonderful other blog from a woman from Baghdad. It's amazing. She writes about her daily life in Baghdad and her thoughts about politics in Iraq and in the world. I read some of her posts. She writes really well (she actually published part of her blog in a book called 'Is Baghdad burning'). Read 'The Ride'. What they have to deal with every day is amazing, and also, it's amazing that she finds time to look for a place where there is electricity and quiet long enough to write to the world about what happens over there.
To me, it's better than listening to the news. The news are often amazingly biased. This is the viewpoint of a person who really lives there.
She even has a few yummi Iraqi recipes. :)

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