Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fresh Produce of the Month: Fennel -- Roundup

Hello everyone! Quite an easy roundup this time: only two recipes :) Oh well, I guess fennel is not in season very much anywhere, although I did see it listed as one of the in-season ingredients on a few websites. Anyway, here are links to..

Simona's really nice 'Fennel and leek soup with fennel greens': as she said, "a deeply flavored soup that will enchant your palate". And she grated her own homemade cheese on top!

And my 'Fennel and lamb curry', a pairing that I found out to be common in Italian cuisine and never tried before. I added some spices to make it more curry-like, et..voila' :) A really delicious meal was ready.

For the next event, I have actually looked quite extensively on at least the US peak season map that you can find at and have chosen.. rhubarb! I actually really would have wanted to have strawberries, but we already had a FPOM dedicated to this fruit, so I thought about its less known companion of the famous strawberry-rhubarb pie. There is a reason if the two are paired: they are both in season at a similar time!
(Image from

So I hope this time many will join in the fun, and will follow these simple rules:

1. Publish a post on your blog with a recipe involving rhubarb. Add a link to this announcement and mention that it's an entry for the Fresh Produce of the Month event. Feel free to place the logo on your post.
2. Send me an email with a link to your post, your blog homepage and your name at chemcookitATgmailDOTcom. Specify 'Fresh Produce of the Month: Rhubarb' as subject. A photo is optional, though helpful.
3. If you don't have a blog just send me an email with your recipe and, if you have a picture of the food you made, that's great: I will add it to the roundup as well.

The deadline for entry submission is May 29th, 2009. I will post the roundup soon after.

Note: If you don't receive an answer to your email or a comment on your post within two days of sending me the email, please contact me again: sometimes email messages get lost in cyberspace.


Simona Carini said...

Great choice! I really need to try and make something nice with the fresh rhubarb now in the stores.

Ferdzy said...

Oh, well, rhubarb.

My new house has 15 (yes, FIFTEEN!!!) BIG rhubarb plants. I imagine I'll be making a a thing or 6 with rhubarb this month.


They're starting to grow...

chemcookit said...

Simona, wonderful! I chose it for the same reason.. never really made much with rhubarb in my life :)

Ferdzy -- exciting! I'd love to be able to grow plants. I'm very happy you'll be able to teach me something about rhubarb. :)

Lori Lynn said...

Rhubarb sounds like a good choice. I never cook with it, maybe I'll give it a try!

CurryLeaf said...

I will miss the fpom this time as well.Its not available in india (as far as I know).Cheers

Finla said...

I will sure send you somehting with rubarb.

chemcookit said...

Lori Lynn, wonderful! Again, same as me -- although, now, I did make the rhubarb-strawberry pie! It will be my next post.

Curry Leaf -- Oh, I'm sorry :( Probably similar to Italy: nobody I talked to knows what it is. Although, there, I'm sure it must be available somewhere!

Happy Cook -- wonderful! Thanks. :)