Friday, July 25, 2008

Pausa allegra

My life after thirty is even busier than my life in the twenties. :)
So, I'm really sorry, but I have to put the blog on hold probably for another two weeks. But this time, it's not for any sad reason. I'm actually really happy! I had four birthday parties, lots of friends showed up, and I received an unreasonable amount of gifts. :) So, yeah, I felt pretty well. :)
And I do have a lot of things to post about. But apparently right now I'm struggling with the issue of 'living life' vs. 'writing about life'.. so I haven't had time to even reply to the many wonderful comments and even emails that I received! Sorry to everybody. I will get back. I will also finally post my own post for the strawberry 'Fresh Produce of the Month' - and of course all my other treats for the other events will be way too late to be submitted.. In any case, the next ten day break is due to the fact that I'm leaving for Mexico, for vacation, for once! I'm really excited. I'll be back with some pictures and stories soon.
So far, here is a picture of me at one of these birthday parties. So you can see my new haircut, too. :)
See you all soon!


Unknown said...

Ciao! Ho incrociato il tuo Blog per caso, abbiamo parecchie cosucce in comune (anch'io italiana in USA con la passione del cibo, anch'io in odor di compleanno, domani...). Ho pensato solo di lasciarti un saluto e un augurio! Ciao, dani

Simona Carini said...

That's a very nice photo. Have a safe trip and loads of fun.

Amanda said...

Marta, what a great new hairdo! I love it--and you'll love your 30s, believe me! I've found them MUCH better than my 20s--a better sense of self and finally feeling "grown up." Happy birthday, and enjoy your life! We'll be here whenever you get back.

Unknown said...

Oh mamma! anche tu hai passato la soglia dei 30 e non me ne sono accorta... che vergogna. Allora ti lascio anch'io i miei auguri, sperando di leggere sempre la serenità che ho letto nei tuoi commenti.
Con amicizia, Betta

Katie Zeller said...

Happy Birthday!!!
And happy vacation!
Cute 'do...