Saturday, June 21, 2008


I already posted about the sunset view from my window. Yesterday I discovered that the sunrise is as charming as the sunset. However, the sunrise arrives subtly, and you can see it from the reflections in the colors of the clouds.. it would be impossible to see the sun rising from the ocean, as we're facing west.
Do you see the moon, almost full, high up in the sky? This was the first shot I took in the morning. It was around 5.45 am (just as a point: I'm not usually up this early, it just happened that for some strange reason I couldn't sleep, and seeing this view was a wonderful gift). A few minutes later the sky was more and more violet, as you can see here behind the Campanile.
The colors kept changing, and there was a white light diffused all over, which reflected in the water of the bay, while the rising pink sunlight reflected in the skyscrapers windows of San Francisco.
And then at some point, the Golden Gate bridge changed color, and became pink! I had never seen something like this. In the very clear days, you can see the red color of the bridge from our windows. But this pink color was unseen. This is the best picture I managed to take, although it doesn't completely capture this phenomenon.
I'm not sure when I'll be up so early in the morning again, but this view was definitely worth it.


Unknown said...

Yeah, it's often really beautiful in the early morning, but unfortunately I don't often manage to be up that early either. It even used to be that I only experienced it after staying awake all night...

elena said...

... fai sempre delle foto suggestive :)

e, davvero, ho voglia di venire a trovarti...
(qui c'รจ un po' di discussione sui soldi che dovrei "guadagnare per poteril spendere")

***big Hugs***
yours Ele