Monday, May 05, 2008

Sei cose a caso

I've been tagged for a meme! How neat, thanks Simona! I'm supposed to write six random things about myself. As Simona pointed out, it's kind of hard to just write 'random things'.. I guess I'll try :)
1) I love both wild nature and human-made buildings, streets and parks. I choose where to go for a walk depending on my mood: sometimes I prefer the quiet and meditation that nature allows for, other times I want to see the colors and noises and confusion that go together with the smiles of the people strolling downtown.
2) When I was a child, I wanted to become a novelist, a painter and a biker. I still like to write and do it often, to bike, but do it very rarely, whereas I haven't painted or drawn anything in years!
3) I'm really not a good Italian: I hate fashion, buying shoes, and really don't care about soccer!
4) My favorite color is definitely blue. I knew this since I was a child, then at some point I thought I would try to expand my horizons.. but now that I recently had to choose colors of new blankets, earrings, clothing and so, I noticed that I have always chosen blue!
5) Part of me thinks that sleeping is a pleasure, but in the end, I hate having to sleep. If I could, I'd sleep 5 hours a night. But if I do that, I cannot function.. so I settle down on 6 to 8 during weekdays, and if I'm very tired, I'll try to sleep a little longer on Saturdays.
6) I hate television! I haven't watched television as my decision in years. I watch only movies that I rent or borrow. Vice versa, I love NPR (National Public Radio), and try to listen to it whenever I can, so that I can still know what happens in the world..

Yeah, I wrote six things! Hopefully they were of some interest. :) Now, I have to tag 6 more bloggers!! Here are the names: Amit at '..for the first time', Katie at 'Thyme for cooking', Asha at Aroma!, Rosa at 'Rosa's Yummy Yums', Amanda at Mrs. W's kitchen, and Sunita at 'Sunita's world'! Looking forward to reading some more random things :)

Well, to conclude this post, I decided I'd add a completely random picture. Here is myself with a bunch of people at the social dinner of a conference that I attended in Sardinia something like 6 years ago. Do you recognize me? I look like a baby!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to learn more about you! Thanks for the tag... I'll see what I can do!



Amanda said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll post it today.

Asha said...

Hi Marta, good to see you back. I took a month long break too. Are you the with hand on your chin in the photo? You are cute!! or may be it's you sitting next to that girl!
Thanks for tagging me friend. I have already done this MeMe last year!:))

Simona Carini said...

I don't watch TV either, but listen to NPR. So, you went to Sardinia and did not see any papassini? too bad. Here's a link with a short presentation of both papassini and Ozieri's sospiri (the latter are a bit too sweet for me):

Il matto said...

Non sarai mica la seconda sulla sinistra ... ops!
Il matto

chemcookit said...

Hey Rosa, looking forward to your random things :)

Amanda, great post :)

Asha, I'm glad you did a lot of wonderful things in your break! Sorry, I didn't know you did the MeMe already.. I guess you don't have to redo it :) - which was the post with the old one, btw?

Simona - you know how it goes when you're at conferences.. not too much time outside to see the world! But, papassini look wonderful! I'd prefer them over the sospiri, I think.

And, Asha and Il Matto: yep, I'm the second on the left :) - such a cute smile in this picture, who knows what I was thinking about..

Amit said...

Marta, thanks so much for tagging me, but I did this meme/tag last year. You are still recognizable with your cute smile in that picture. :)

BTW, my favorite color is also blue.

Amit said...

Here it is. :) :)

Katie Zeller said...

I'm a little slow these days...but I finally got here. Thanks for the tag...
6 random...hmmmmm Think I'll go weed, my mind always wanders then!
Love the photo!

Andrea said...

Ciao Marta,
sono Andrea di Milano (l'americana.) Non ho molto tempo x leggere i blog ma il tuo mi attira molto. Le mie collegue hanno cominciato a crearsi food blog e sono un po' appasionate ma io preferisco leggere il tuo ...Lo sapevi che anchio non avevo di TV ma devo ammettere che il tv � entrata in casa 2 anni fa solo per guardare videocassette e dvd (non paghiamo la rai e non abbiamo connesso i cavi). I was really sorry to hear you went through a bad time...but you sure learn who your friends are! I got divorced in 1995 and had a rough 3 years of depression, indecision, career and country changes - all big changes and bumpy relationships that now all seem par fo the course. It was the best thing that ever happened to me! I met my current partner around that time and now we live in Peschiera with two beautiful little girls!
I am wondering what to do with sweet potatoes and how to clean artichokes. I bought the sweet potatoes and want to find a way to get the girls to eat them (shoe string fries?) Artichokes are a mess to clean and i dont have much time. My old fruttivendolo sold them pre-cleaned but he shut down and my new one doesn't offer that service. Plus i have to sneak the aritchokes into what the kids will eat (perhaps a torta pasqualina). (but how i love them on pasta or in a risotto). I loved the pictures of your new place! Since I last wrote to you I have: started jogging for the first time in 40 years and now go twice a week, turned 40 and I visited my sister in Paris where she lives and where I lived for 4 years (i went all by myself which was a big treat!).
Keep on smiling and cooking!