Saturday, January 19, 2008

Una serata a teatro

For our anniversary, Lucas and I decided to do something a little different, and we went to see a theater play! We both love theater, and we would like to try and go more often, so this was a good beginning. We went to see 'Barefoot in the park', played by the Actors Ensemble of Berkeley, at the 'Live Oak Theater'.
It's a delightful comedy written by Neil Simon about a newly wed couple and their first struggles due to different expectations and characters, with a happy ending. The comedy is full of really funny jokes, and the actors are very good! The whole audience was laughing a lot. If someone who reads this lives in Berkely, I'd strongly recommend going to see the show! It's a community-based theater, very inexpensive ($12!!), small and friendly.. these actors have a very interesting program for this season, and we're thinking of trying to go to a few more of their shows.

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