Friday, November 23, 2007

Nuova casa!

I still didn't post any pictures of the new apartment! So, our recent housewarming party* is a good occasion for it. We had about 20 people over, and it was quite amazing to see how much space there was for everybody! I realized I could have invited even more people. :) In fact, we don't have a huge house - it's just a one bedroom apartment, but it has a really nice and big living room, so it doesn't fill crowded even with so much people. It looked like everyone enjoyed the party, and it was nice to have our neighbors over, and find out how nice they are!
To start with the pictures, here is the really nice flower bouquet that Keisuke and Miako gave us at the housewarming party.
* Per i miei lettori italiani: un 'housewarming party' (festa di riscaldamento della casa, letteralmente) e' una specie di 'inaugurazione' di una casa (o appartamento) in cui ci si e' appena trasferiti.. alla festa non succede nulla di particolare, e' solo un'occasione per invitare un po' di amici, fare vedere la nuova casa, e se si vuole, se ne puo' approfittare per diventare amici dei vicini!

Afore mention: most of these pictures were taken by Sonya! Thanks, Sonya :)
So here are Elif and Lucas preparing the food before the party
Sonya helped too - we made three pizzas and two pans of focaccia that were transformed into grilled chicken or grilled veggies sandwiches with tomato sauce and pesto (the 'heavenly sandwiches' :) ), and some frittata and salads.. and we also had some delicious tofu-sushi made by Miako, and curry by Andrea.. a lot of wonderful food - no pictures, sorry :(
And here are Andrea, Romelia and Sonya:
Keisuke and Miako teaching how to read Dostoevskij in Italian to little Keita
And here is little Keita! The cutest boy ever, as Sonya said. :)
The party was also a good occasion to clean up the house, so I was able to take pictures of it afterwards!
Here is the nicest part of the living room, where we decided to put the dining table.
And here is another part of the living room:
(we're not allowed to use the fireplace, though. :) )
And at last, a view of the kitchen:
It's long and narrow, but not too much. In fact, it was possible to work here in four people! I really enjoy the stove, it's old but really well maintained, and I love having fire instead of electric stove and oven. It's a real pleasure to cook with it!
So here it is for now.. Just a little peak in our everyday life (my parents had been asking for these pictures :) ).


Simona Carini said...

Congratulazioni! House-warming parties are a great idea: un'idea da importare in Italia. The apartament looks luminous.

elifleaf said...

so lovely, I really like the new place and you two fill it with good spirit!

chemcookit said...

Elif, Thanks :)

Simona, I agree - it's a nice idea that we really lack in Italy!

Amit said...

Marta, how exciting! Congratulations on your nuevo casa!! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. Are you guys still in Berkeley?

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous fireplace--too bad you can't build a fire in it! Are you allowed candles in there?

Your party sounds fun!

Nathalie said...

i love your big bay window, its so bright ! I have just found your blog, its really cool.. i am Italian too living in Ireland :)

chemcookit said...

Amit - thanks! Yes, we're still in Berkeley, I love this city :)

Mrs. W. - yep, candles are ok. Good, since we recently had a black-out. :)

Nathalie - thanks! so good to get to know you!