Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Festa di Halloween -2

Yesterday night, Antonella and Marco invited us to have a real Halloween experience: the 'trick or treat' (dolcetti o scherzetti) tour.
In their neighborhood, a lot of people decorate their houses and children go around asking for candies on Halloween's night. It was the first time I saw anything like this in my life.. there were in fact a lot of children going around, most of them wearing some sort of costumes (not all of them though), and a lot of houses had fancy decorations with spiderwebs, ghosts and Jack O'lanterns. Some of the people who gave out the candies were dressed in pretty spooky costumes - I was told that Halloween is actually more fun for the adults than the children, because they are allowed to be scary :) For me it was an interesting social experience too. As a note, some of parents were driving their children from house to house... Never risk to sprain your ankle for too much walking, as someone else said :) :)
(This is one of the Jack-o-lanterns that we saw on our trip)

Marco and Antonella's kids collected a large amount of candies. After the trick or treating, we went all to their house to have a Halloween/goodbye party (for the Sanna family, who was going back to Sardegna today).
People prepared a lot of good food. For the Halloween theme, Marco prepared a pumpkin/sausage pasta which was gorgeous:
I made some more fantasmini (ghosts) since I thought there would be children to enjoy them.
And I also made a Jack-o-lantern cake.
It's the same papaya/coconut cake that I already gave the recipe for: I noted that it had a nice orange color, so I could use it to mimic a pumpkin.. and then I decorated it with chocolate.

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