Tuesday, March 28, 2006

La preghiera di Taize'

On the past few Mondays I've been going to an evening prayer, in the Sacred Heart Cathedral. They are doing a 'Taize' prayer' on each Monday of Lent.
I really like it. For people who don't know, in Taize', France, there is a big monastery where Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox monks live and pray together, and host a huge number of young people coming from all over the world each year. I went there with some people from my old parish in Turin. It's been a very profound experience. I learnt a lot about the Bible and about prayer. I also met some very spiritual people that I will never forget.
So, going to the Taize prayer in Raleigh has been a very nice opportunity for me to remember all that, and to remember how to pray with their very simple and repetitive songs, that penetrate your heart and create peace and push you to love God and other people.
This is a picture of the altar set up for the Taize prayer, taken from the Sacred Heart Cathedral website:
If you want to listen to some of their wonderful musics, go on Taize website. I think I'm going to buy a CD with Taize songs.

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