Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Un cous cous veloce e colorato

Another quick and nice recipe made up for tonight - we were hungry and a bit in a hurry.
Prepare some cous cous the way you prefer: in a pan, in the microwave, or in a steamer (this is the closest way to the real one that Arabs use to cook it, for what I understood). Tonight I made it on the stove, since it's quite fast (bring a cup of water to boil, add some salt, add the cous cous, take it off the stove, stir and let it rest for five minutes. The cous cous will expand and 'drink' all the water. I also like to add a little olive oil to it when it's done).
In the meanwhile, prepare this colourful sauce: sautee some onions, add some canned diced tomatoes, salt, red and black pepper according to your taste. Add some corn. For tonight, I had some wonderful sweet corn that Lucas's parents grew last year and that we picked, silked, quickly blanched (look at chathamgirl's comment for a thorough explanation :) ), cut and froze together. It tastes great. Anyway, if you don't have the really good stuff, some canned corn will work fine :). Then, add some finely cut cilantro. Let it cook altogether for about 10 minutes, taste again and adjust salt and pepper, and serve on cous cous, with some cilantro leaves to decorate.
It tastes good, it's healthy, and it's ready in a total time of 20 minutes. :)


Chathamgirl said...

Per my Home Freezing of Fruits and Vegatables book: An important step in preparing vegetable for freezing is heating or "blanching" before packing. The reason for heating vegetables before freezing is that it slows or stops the action of enzymes. Up until the time vegatables are ready to pick, enzymes help them grow and mature. After that they cause loss of flavor and color.
You want to heat the vegetables quickly for a short as time as needed( there are charts to tell you how long for each vegetable) then cool quickly to stop the cooking.

chemcookit said...

Thanks a lot!
Neither Lucas nor I could remember that word. :)