Thursday, February 02, 2006


I just found a few wonderful blogs. This way of communication is more and more interesting to me.

Check out Global Voices online. It's great - it posts summary of blogs from all over the world. You can read a lot of interesting news that the newspapers will never report. They are the news that are really important to people.
There are also cultural things and a bit of everything, like in any respectful blog :)

Also, I'd like you to look at MrDuffy's blog. It's in Italian, so many people will not understand the words, but the wonderful thing that filled me with joy is that Mr Duffy posts daily pictures from Turin, my home town. And he loves similar things that I love - nature, light, architecture.. So, if you'd like to look at Turin from a nice viewpoint, check out the blog. I was really happy to find it (actually, I have to thank again ComidaDeMama, since I found a mention about it on her blog :) )
Btw: MrDuffy just mentioned to me of another webpage with more pictures of Torino under the snow. They're great.


Mr Duffy said...
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Mr Duffy said...

mmh... ho fatto un po' di casino e ho cancellato il commento. Volevo solo dire che condivido pienamente il tuo stupore, ho aperto il blog un paio di mesi fa, e se mi avessero parlato di un incontro così, non so se ci avrei creduto... Sei molto gentile, grazie per le tue parole. Ah, la zucca spaghetti mi ricorda una "Ciabatta Mozzarella-Tomaten" che ho visto in Svizzera :))

chemcookit said...

Cos'e' la ciabatta-mozzarella-tomaten?!?!?!? :)

ComidaDeMama said...

you are more than welcome, my dear ^___^
I miss Torino too. I used to study there (Castello del Valentino) and I love all the magnificent spots and monuments.

Mr Duffy said...

E' un panino con mozzarella e pomodoro... (Ciabatta Parmaschinken fa abbastanza paura), qui invce le famose "Orricciete" De Cecco


chemcookit said...

Comida: I didn't completely understand that you lived for a while in Torino.. so you also know what a real hot chocolate is :) - how do you like Trento? I went there once, and I thought it was a cute little town.

MrDuffy: EHEHEH :) ho molti esempi anch'io..
Pero', dovresti vedere a volte come gli italiani 'mispellano' alcune cose inglesi. Anzi, magari ci faccio un post bilingue sopra, torna a vedere tra un po' :)